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Flame retardant tarp (FR)

Dimensions < 50m²
Dimensions 50m² <
Tarp 6x8 PE 150 FR
Incl. tax
Tarp 8x10 PE 150 FR
Incl. tax
Tarp 10x12 PE 150 FR
Incl. tax
Tarp 2x3 PVC 600 FR - Blue
Incl. tax
Tarp 3x3 PVC 600 FR - Blue
Incl. tax
Tarp 3x4 PVC 600 FR - Blue
Incl. tax
Tarp 4x6 PVC 600 FR - Blue
Incl. tax
Flame retardant tarp 2x3m PVC 650 - White
Incl. tax
Flame retardant tarp 3x4m PVC 650 - White
Incl. tax
Flame retardant tarp 4x6m PVC 650 - White
Incl. tax
Custom PVC 600 NVO tarp - Blue
On request
Customized PVC/fiberglass 600 NVO M1 tarp
On request

Ordering a flame retardant tarp at Dekzeilenshop.nl

When you are looking for a tarp for the house, it goes without saying that you will always want to take into account the flame retardant properties of it. Only by using a flame retardant tarp is it ensured that the flames can not literally spread like a running fire through your home. In the first instance, a flame retardant tarpaulin might seem to have little effect on this, but in practice you will notice that such a tarpaulin certainly has an interesting added value. Are you already convinced of the unique advantages associated with the use of a flame retardant tarpaulin? Do not hesitate any longer and order them today at an extremely interesting price here at Dekzeilenshop.nl!

Why use a flame retardant tarp?

Chances are that at a certain moment you want to cover certain furniture or maybe you do not need several machines, etc. In that case you will want to order a tarpaulin with which it can be covered. A tarpaulin can now be purchased in many different versions, contrary to what many people think. We distinguish in this area, for example, a flame retardant of a standard tarpaulin. A flame retardant tarp is a tarp which ensures that fire does not immediately get a grip on what can be found under the tarp. That can be important, because all the extra time you have with a fire is nice.

A flame retardant tarp, waterproof and strong

There are many different interesting features associated with a flame retardant tarp. In the first instance, for example, they are waterproof. Many people do not think about it, but to put out a fire, water is usually used (possibly in combination with a certain foam). It is therefore very important that the flame retardant tarp where use is made also offers the necessary protection against water. Only in this way can not only fire, but also prevent water damage. A second not insignificant property of a flame retardant tarp is that it is particularly strong. This ensures that they will not quickly show signs of wear and, in addition, they have an optimal life span. Would you like to order a flame retardant tarpaulin that not only offers a solid but also very long-term protection? Then ordering a flame retardant tarp from the assortment here at Dekzeilenshop.nl is undoubtedly a must!

Flame retardant tarp with quantum discount

A flame retardant tarp does not have a reputation for being cheap and that is true. Despite the fact that we always guarantee our customers the most interesting price of Dekzeilenshop.nl, it can always be improved. Are you not interested in purchasing just one flame retardant tarpaulin, but do you want to bring several in-house? In that case, you can always count on a financial benefit. From 3 pieces, the price is reduced by 5 percent. From 6 pieces we lower the price further by 10 percent and finally the price from 10 pieces is further reduced by 14 percent. Buying more flame retardant tarpaulins can therefore certainly be a very interesting saving.

Order flame retardant tarps at a competitive price

The above already says it already, we think it is important that everyone has the possibility to buy a flame retardant tarp with which they can protect certain contents in an optimal way. For this reason, we have therefore chosen to provide this with an extra advantageous cost price. In other words, do you think about ordering a flame retardant tarpaulin, but are you a bit afraid of too high a cost? Do not hesitate any longer and discover how economically a fire-resistant sail can be here at Dekzeilenshop.nl!

Free shipping from 100 euros

Place an order here at Dekzeilenshop.nl of more than 100 euros? In that case you can count on an extra benefit. All orders of at least 100 euros are shipped completely free within the Netherlands. In addition, a flame retardant tarp can be delivered immediately from stock so that you do not have to wait long at all. Does this all sound so good to you? Why wait longer? Buy your flame retardant tarp today at Dekzeilenshop.nl!