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PVC Mesh tarp PVC 280 gr/m²

Custom mesh tarp PVC 280
On request
Mesh tarp PVC 320 made to measure
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Custom made mesh canvas PVC 320 B1
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Mesh canvas PVC 600 NVO M1
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Buy a cheap PVC mesh tarp at Dekzeilenshop.nl

Here at Dekzeilenshop.nl you are at the right address for different types of mesh tarps. We distinguish several possibilities in this area. At first you can come to us for closed PVC tarps, but in addition, our range also includes wind and water permeable PVC mesh tarps. In other words, are you looking for a netting tarp and would you like to be able to buy it at the cheapest possible price tag? Do you also want to be assured of the best possible quality? Then look no further and discover the range of mesh tarps here at Dekzeilenshop.nl.

Permeable to wind and water

Buying a mesh tarp here at Dekzeilenshop.nl ensures that you choose a mesh tarp that is not only wind, but also water permeable. This ensures that such a mesh tarp can be used for many different purposes. For example, a mesh tarp can serve as a wind reduction screen, but it can also be used in horizontal applications where rainwater has to be let through. This means that a mesh tarp that we order from us excels in terms of versatility. It can therefore be of service to you in many different circumstances. This is yet another good reason to choose to take a mesh tarp out of our range!

Available in different weight classes

Just like the various tarps that can be found in the assortment here at Dekzeilenshop.nl, it is always interesting to know that a mesh tarp is also available in several weight classes. This ensures that a mesh tarp that can be purchased from us can really be used for a very large number of different reasons. In any case, think carefully about which mesh tarps in which weight class you need before ordering one. This is the only way to ensure that you will never be faced with an unpleasant surprise.

Made-to-measure mesh tarps at a competitive price

Are you interested in ordering a mesh tarp? In that case it will do you good to know that we do not work with fixed dimensions. This means that a mesh tarp can be made entirely to your wishes. Buying a custom mesh tarp is always known to be associated with a considerable cost price, but we can guarantee you that, that should not always be the case, quite the contrary. Regardless of the dimensions of the mesh tarp of your choice, it is always possible to order it here at Dekzeilenshop.nl at the best possible price.

Guaranteed fast delivery

The sharp purchase price of a mesh tarp is not the only good reason why it can be interesting to buy your mesh tarps here at Dekzeilenshop.nl. It is also the case that you can always count on a fast delivery of your order. Moreover, when an order is placed with a value of at least 100 euros, it will also be delivered to your home (in the Netherlands or in Belgium) completely free of charge. All this makes it clear already, are you also planning to order mesh tarps? Do not hesitate any longer and order them today at Dekzeilenshop.nl at the most interesting conditions.