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PE 130 Wind reduction net 90%

Scaffolding net 2,57m x 50m Green
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Scaffolding net 3,07m x 50m Green
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Scaffolding net Flame Retardant 3,07m x 50m - White
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A scaffold net, indispensable for various projects

In many different situations it is actually an absolute must to use a so-called scaffolding net. A scaffolding net is attached to a scaffold and has as its main function to ensure that the safety of people and objects from the environment can be guaranteed. If you also intend to carry out a facade renovation or restoration, for example, buying one or more scaffolding nets here at Dekzeilenshop.nl can be highly recommended! Do not hesitate any longer and discover us in the area of ​​price-quality excellent range today!

Scaffolding net for façade renovation and restoration

In the majority of cases, it is decided to use a scaffolding net when there is a renovation or restoration of a façade. As you will notice on this page, the use of such a network brings with it some very interesting advantages. This means that not only debris but also dust is separated from the environment, so that no dangerous situations can arise. Do you also have a renovation or restoration project for your façade on the planning? Do not hesitate any longer and choose to buy a scaffolding net here at Dekzeilenshop.nl!

Also suitable for maintenance and cleaning

Are you planning to carry out maintenance on certain constructions or for example bridges? In that case, it may also be advisable to use a scaffold net. The same advantages as for façade renovation and restoration then apply.

Tightly woven scaffold net

The scaffolding net that you can get at home here at Dekzeilenshop.nl is tightly woven. It therefore concerns a scaffold grid of 130 grams/square meter. In addition, our scaffold nets have 10 percent wind permeability. Our scaffolding net also has a particularly low dust transmission. All this indicates already, when you choose to buy a scaffolding net here at Dekzeilenshop.nl you are always sure of an excellent quality which makes it perfectly in line with your expectations.

Also with fire-resistant quality

Are you particularly looking for a scaffolding net that has a fire-resistant quality? That is also not a problem. It goes without saying that you will always want to remain silent during the performance of certain work on the flame retardant aspect of the scaffold grid that you use. It will also do you good to know that our scaffolding nets are also available with flame retardant quality.

How to attach a scaffolding net?

As far as attaching a scaffolding grid is concerned, you can make a choice from a number of different possibilities. Attaching a scaffolding net is therefore possible by means of scaffolding binders, but also with so-called tie-raps. The scaffolding binders that can be found in our range have a length of 30 centimeters and are packed in bags of 100 pieces. Do you need multiple scaffolding binders? In that case it is always more interesting financially to opt for a box of 10,000 pieces.

Buying a scaffolding net at a competitive price

Do you fear that you have to take a high price tag into account when buying a scaffolding net? That fear is absolutely unnecessary, on the contrary. The collection of a scaffolding net here at Dekzeilenshop.nl is at a very interesting price and that also without you will have to sacrifice in terms of quality. This ensures that we can rightly state that our scaffolding nets really have a very good price-quality ratio.

Order your scaffolding net now at Dekzeilenshop.nl!

The above already indicates that if you are looking for a quality scaffolding net that you can purchase at a very interesting price, we have a lot of nice things to offer from Dekzeilenshop.nl. Take a look at our range today to buy one of our great scaffolding nets at a very competitive price! Do you also place an order worth at least 100 euros? Then your order will also be delivered in the Netherlands or in Belgium without shipping costs! Do you think about buying more than one jetty net? In that case you can always contact us for a quote tailored to your wishes.