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Fasteners & accessories

Rubber tensioner round
Incl. tax
Tensioning rubber flat
Incl. tax
Black ball bungee
Incl. tax
Bungee hook ties
Incl. tax
Tensioning rubber with gooseneck 19cm
Incl. tax
PVC glue 250ml
Incl. tax
Bungee cord
Incl. tax
PVC glue 1000ml
Incl. tax
S-hook 4mm x 4mm
Incl. tax
Flat hook
Incl. tax
Carabiner hook
Incl. tax
Tarp clamps
Incl. tax

Tarps must usually be stretched or otherwise secured.

We supply all kinds of mounting materials for tarps, such as:
- tension rubbers
- elastic cable or sandow
- all kinds of hooks or S-hooks
- twist closures
- clamps
- eyelets with hand stamp set
- PVC glue
- cord
- etc