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Mesh tarps PVC 280 gr/m²

Custom mesh tarp PVC 280
On request
Mesh tarp PVC 320 made to measure
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PVC mesh tarp tailored to your needs

Are you planning to purchase a PVC mesh tarp? Then here we have a lot of nice things to offer from Dekzeilenshop.nl. With us, for example, it is possible to order a PVC mesh tarp of 280 grams per square meter. It is wind-permeable (15 percent of the surface is open) and UV stabilized. Moreover, she has a tear resistance of 100 N which ensures that you opt for a PVC mesh tarp that is not only competitively priced, but also very qualitative. In other words, do you also want to order a PVC mesh tarp? Then look no further and get them here today at Dekzeilenshop.nl!

Suitable as a wind reduction screen

A PVC mesh tarp that is purchased here at Dekzeilenshop.nl always has both wind and water permeable properties. This ensures that it can be used for many different applications. It is not uncommon for example that this type of PVC mesh screen is used to realize a wind reduction screen. In addition, it is also very often used in horizontal applications where it is important that rainwater should be allowed through. All this ensures that by purchasing a PVC mesh tarp you have a wide range of possibilities that you might never have thought possible before. Anyway, the wind and water permeable properties are already two interesting reasons to choose to order a PVC mesh tarp here at Dekzeilenshop.nl!

Choice of different weight classes

As with other tarpaulins, in the case of a PVC mesh tarp you also have the option to make a choice from several weight classes. This choice is more important than you think. The larger the weight class of the PVC mesh tarp you want to buy, the better it is suitable for use in heavy-duty applications. Due to the fact that a PVC mesh can be purchased in many different weight classes, it is always interesting to think carefully which of the various possibilities for you will be able to meet the predefined expectations. This is the only way to avoid having unpleasant surprises after buying the PVC mesh tarp.

Have a PVC mesh tarp made to measure

As far as purchasing a PVC mesh tarp is concerned, standard dimensions are not used. This ensures that all our customers always have the opportunity to decide for themselves which mesh tarp with which dimensions they need exactly. It goes without saying that the exact dimensions that a PVC mesh tarp should have, can depend heavily on the purpose for which they are used. By offering the possibility to our customers to have a PVC mesh tarp entirely tailored to their wishes, all pre-set expectations are always met without problem.

Order PVC mesh tarp at the best price

Do you fear that having a PVC mesh tarp made to measure will always cost you a lot of money? That fear is absolutely not right! We make it possible for our customers not only to realize exactly those sizes that they need, but also always at the best possible price. Do you place an order for an amount of at least 100 euros? Then it will also be sent completely free within the Netherlands or Belgium!