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About us

Dekzeilenshop.nl is the webshop of Dekzeilmakerij Antonsen Bvba in Antwerp.

Since its founding in 1902, Antonsen has focused entirely on the processing of plastic textiles. Back then, the production and repair of canvas bags and tarpaulins was the most important activity, but in the meantime we have grown into a leading manufacturer of all kinds of tarpaulins and other customization in the Benelux.

In our own sailmaker we have the most modern machines and production techniques with which we can tailor a wide range of tarps, housses, banners, screens, separation sails, pond tarps and swimming pool covers.

We also sell commercial products such as lightweight PE tarpaulins, scaffolding fabric, tension rubbers and other tarp-making products for both industry and private.

Thanks to our compact and flexible organization, you benefit from:

  • advice and service
  • wide choice of materials
  • real custom work
  • short delivery time
  • affordable prices