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PE tarp 150 gr/m² - Medium

Dimensions < 50m²
Dimensions 50m² <
Tarp 4x6 PE 150 - Green/Blue
Incl. tax
Tarp 4x15 PE 150 - Green/Blue
Incl. tax
Tarp 5x6 PE 150 - Green/Blue
Incl. tax
Tarp 6x8 PE 150 - Green/Blue
Incl. tax
Tarp 8x10 PE 150 - Green/Blue
Incl. tax
Tarp 10x12 PE 150 - Green/Blue
Incl. tax
Tarp 10x15 PE 150 - Green/Blue
Incl. tax
Tarp 10x25 PE 150 - Green/Blue
Tarp 10x25 PE 150 - Green/Blue
€245,60 €238,98
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A PE tarp for short-term covers

It is undoubtedly known to you that a tarpaulin cover can have very different quality. This ensures, for example, that one tarp is very interesting to apply in the long term, while another version is not. A well-known example in this area is the PE pool cover. This tarp is imported from Asia making it available at a competitive price, but on the other hand it only has a rather limited lifespan. This limited lifespan ensures that, depending on the exact design, it can only be used for a period of up to 2 years. In some cases, it is only recommended to use for 6 to a maximum of 12 months in a Western climate. In any case, are you looking for a suitable solution for short-term covers? Then choosing a PE tarp is certainly an interesting option!

Why use a PE tarp?

A PE tarp is very often used in practice for packing certain goods during transport. In addition, it can also be used for covering building materials as well as firewood, roofs, cars and so on. A PE cover is also available in many different sizes. For example, we distinguish the 4x6, 6x8, 6x10, 8x10 and 10x12 dimensions. The majority of these sizes are directly available from our stock. Even if you need a PE pool cover in the short term, these can also be purchased easily here at Dekzeilenshop.nl!

The lifespan of a PE tarp

The PE cover which you can order here at Dekzeilenshop.nl is directly imported from Asia. This brings with it several interesting advantages. First of all, it is, for example, that this makes the price tag sensitive. On the other hand, it is true that a PE cover is only available in a limited number of sizes and colors, but that does not have to be a problem. For all everyday applications it is easy to use a PE cover from our range. You should always keep in mind, as already indicated, that a PE cover is not suitable for use in the long term. Always respect the indicated service life. Only in this way can you really be sure that the best possible protection is guaranteed.

Ordering a PE tarp at Dekzeilenshop.nl

Are you convinced that a PE tarp is exactly what you are looking for? Would you like to have one or more tarps in house? That is no problem here at Dekzeilenshop.nl! We not only ensure that you as a customer can order a tarp at an attractive price, it is also available in various sizes so that they will always perfectly meet your expectations. Are you in other words looking for a quality PE tarp at an attractive price? Then this order here at Dekzeilenshop.nl is undoubtedly a very good idea!