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Fence tarps

Fence tarp PE 150 - Black
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Fence tarp PE 150 - White
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Fence tarp PE 150 - Blue
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Fence tarp PE 150 - Green
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Fence tarp PE 150 Flame Retardant - White
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Fence tarp PVC mesh 280
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Flame retardant fence tarp PE 200 - Black
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Fence tarp for short and long term applications

Are you planning to carry out works, but don't you want everyone to be able to see the progress of the works? In that case it is always interesting to choose to order a fence tarp. Such a canvas is perfect to place on a fence so that the works can be optimally hidden from the eye of bystanders. Where the fences present ensure that people can not just come on the yard just like that, a fence in turn ensures that no pictures can be taken. Do you think the advantages of a fence tarp do seem interesting and would you like to order one or more? Then look no further and order your fence tarp today here at Dekzeilenshop.nl!

Fence tarps in various colours

A fence tarp can be purchased here at Dekzeilenshop.nl in many different colors. As a customer, you can not only choose a really dark building fence in the form of the black version, but also the colours white, green and blue are among the possibilities. The final choice of your fence tarp depends of course on several factors. In this respect, we distinguish not only the extent to which the building site must be hidden from the view of bystanders, but also the personal preference of the buyer. For example, many people find it a bit lugubrious to order a black construction fence, while others only choose this colour. In any case, the fact that a construction fence exists in so many different colours ensures that there really is a fence tarp for everyone in our assortment to your liking.

A fence tarp for short and long term applications

Whatever tarp you buy, you should always bear in mind that one is primarily for short-term use while the other offers the solution for medium to long-term use. This also applies to the fence tarp which you wish to order from the assortment here at Dekzeilenshop.nl. When it comes to a construction fence tarpaulin, you can choose from various options. On the one hand there is the PE fence tarp 150 grams/square meter, but also a fence tarp PVC mesh is possible. Where the first tarp is mainly intended to be used in the short term, the second option can be used in the much longer term. It may be clear, the period in which you will use the tarp is also decisive for the type you will eventually order.

Ordering more is saving more!

If you take a look at the building fence tarps that can be found in our assortment, it immediately becomes clear that as a customer you can enjoy a so-called volume discount with us. This discount is granted at the moment that it is decided not to order one, but several fences. The exact amount of discount you will receive for your fence depends on the number. The more you order, the higher the discount can be and the more financial benefit you as a customer can of course do. It may be clear, do you have a large yard or are you for example busy with renovation in different places? Then it is definitely worthwhile to have multiple copies instead of one single fence!

Order your fence now at Dekzeilenshop.nl!

Are you convinced of the advantage of buying a tarp for a construction fence? Would you like to order one here at Dekzeilenshop.nl? You can! As already mentioned, you can order exactly the one tarp you need from us and at the most interesting price possible. Would you like to save even more compared to the standard price tag of a fence tarp? Then don't buy one, but several copies. This way you can enjoy an even better price without losing quality. From an order of at least 100 euros, this order will be sent free of charge within the Netherlands or Belgium. So don't hesitate any longer and order your fence today at the best possible price here at Dekzeilenshop.nl!