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Screen tarps

Get your scaffolding nets at Dekzeilenshop.nl

In many different situations it is recommended to use scaffold nets. This is the case, for example, when renovating or restoring façades. Even when bridges or other constructions need to be maintained or cleaned, it is advisable to use scaffolding nets for this. This already indicates that scaffold nets are absolutely indispensable in many different situations. Here at Dekzeilenshop.nl we offer our customers the opportunity to make a choice from a variety of different scaffold nets that will do perfectly well what you expect from them. Also order scaffold nets? Discover the assortment now here at Dekzeilenshop.nl!

10% wind-permeable scaffold nets

The scaffolding nets that are offered here at Dekzeilenshop.nl are tightly woven. This also concerns scaffolding grids of 130 gr/m2. These scaffolding nets are also wind-permeable for 10 percent and also have a particularly low dust transmission. This alone already ensures that our scaffold nets in the house is definitely more than worth it.

Scaffolding nets against dust and debris

One of the main reasons why the use of scaffolding nets is invariably used in the realization of particularly many construction projects is due to the fact that they ensure that dust and debris are prevented. This is particularly important, because only in this way can the environment be protected. This obviously applies not only to the environment itself, but also to the passersby who walk past the building. It may be clear, if you are planning to renovate or restore your facade, for example, and you want to make sure that you do not endanger anyone while performing the work, it is absolutely interesting to choose to use scaffold nets.

When to use scaffolding sails?

Do you want to be absolutely sure that you have a really high dust density? Or do you want to keep the interior space warm during the work? In that case it is recommended to use fully windproof scaffolding sails instead of ordinary scaffold nets. In this way, the living comfort is not or hardly limited by the works on the façade in particular. This is therefore an excellent reason to make use of scaffolding sails.

Fixing scaffolding nets

It is possible in different ways to attach scaffold nets against a scaffolding. This can be done both with scaffolding binders and with so-called tie-raps. The scaffolding binders with which you can install the scaffolding nets have a length of 30 centimeters and are packed in bags of 100 pieces. Do you need more for installing your scaffold nets? In that case you can always opt for a box consisting of 10,000 pieces. The fastening of scaffold nets will in any case not entail structural problems, on the contrary.

Scaffolding nets do not have to be expensive

It goes without saying that you will not want to save on safety when it comes to carrying out renovation or restoration work on the façade of your real estate, for example. On the other hand, such work costs a lot of money. This ensures that you will not want to spend a lot of money on the purchase of scaffold nets. That is not a problem at all. If you choose to buy scaffolding nets here at Dekzeilenshop.nl you can always be sure that these scaffold nets have an excellent price-quality ratio. This makes your scaffolding nets exactly what you expect from them, but then without having to take into account a towering price tag.

Do you want to order scaffolding nets at Dekzeilenshop.nl?

When you take a look at the range with scaffolding nets here at Dekzeilenshop.nl you will immediately be able to determine that you can make a choice from many different specimens. Our scaffolding nets are therefore available in different sizes. However, that is not all. Do you, for example, also consider it so important that excellent fire safety can be guaranteed? In that case it is always a possibility to opt for scaffold nets that have a fire-resistant quality. Are you planning to purchase multiple scaffolding nets at once with us? In that case, it is always interesting to request a specific quote from us!