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Scaffolding tarp

Scaffolding tarp 2.20m x 20m PE/PP 180 - Transparent
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Scaffolding tarp 2.70m x 20m PE/PP 180 - Transparent
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Scaffolding tarp 3.20m x 20m PE/PP 180 - Transparent
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Scaffolding tarp 2.70m x 20m PE/PP 180 FR - White
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Scaffolding tarp 3.20m x 20m PE/PP 180 FR - White
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Do you want to be absolutely sure that you can count on a very high dust density? In that case it is always interesting to choose to purchase a scaffolding sail. Very many people find it important that the interior space can be kept nice and warm while performing work. If this also applies to you, it is worthwhile to choose to use a windproof scaffolding sail instead of a normal scaffolding net. This ensures that living comfort is not or barely limited during the work. Partly for this reason, the use of a scaffolding sail is therefore particularly popular.

Excellent protection against dust and debris

Just like a scaffolding net, a scaffolding tarp must in the first instance ensure that the work that is being done on your facade is somewhat shielded from the outside world. This is necessary for various reasons. During the renovation or restoration of the facade of your house there is always the risk that dust or even worse, debris falls down. This means that the environment can be influenced by it. Falling rubble can, for example, end up on a car, which can cause considerable damage. This can be prevented by using a scaffolding sail. A scaffolding sail is of course not only intended to protect the environment, but what about the people who walk past your façade during the work? They are also protected by the presence of a scaffolding tarp against the potential hazards that the work entails.

Attaching a scaffolding tarp

Attaching a scaffolding tarp is possible in many different ways. In this area you can also choose to use so-called tie-raps. You will find that fixing your scaffolding can always be done in the most efficient and qualitative way.

Order a scaffolding tarp cheaply? Which can!

A scaffolding tarp is known to generally have a fairly strong cost tag. This not insignificant purchase price means that many people may choose not to purchase scaffolding tarps in the end and that is a shame. Fortunately, it can be done differently. By choosing to buy a scaffold sail here at Dekzeilenshop.nl you are always sure of the best possible price. This ensures that ordering a scaffold sail is possible for more people financially. Do you also want to purchase a scaffolding sail? Look no further and enjoy the best price here at Dekzeilenshop.nl!

Free shipping from 100 euros and the right to return

Choosing to buy a scaffolding tarp here at Dekzeilenshop.nl ensures that you can always enjoy a real quality scaffolding tarp without having to take into account a high price tag. However, that is not all. Did you know, for example, that we also do everything we can to keep the shipping costs of your scaffolding sail as low as possible? From an order worth at least 100 euros, it will also be sent completely free of charge. Naturally, all our customers are also entitled to a return for a period of 14 days. Also order a scaffolding sail? Then look no further and get them today at Dekzeilenshop.nl!